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Professional Member PLDA:
The Professional Lighting Designers' Association PLDA was originally founded as the European Lighting Designers' Association ELDA+, and is a voluntary federation of lighting designers and lighting consultants who are active on an international scale, their purpose being to increase the reputation of the profession and to establish the profession as such in its own right. Membership is centred around the professional architectural lighting designer. An architectural lighting designer is a person who possesses the knowledge and expertise to carry out all the work required to design light for interior and exterior architectural projects in such a way that the design can be implemented, become an integral part of the project and establish an efficient, enjoyable, healthy, safe, sustainable and well accepted environment for the people who live, work and relax in it.

Member of advisory board Technological Top-institute Intelligent Lighting
Over the past centuries we have created extensive artificial environments in which to live, work,
rest and recreate. Along the way we lost the use of natural daylight, as well as the beneficial qualities
accompanied with it. It is our vision that by using LED technology we can re-create the world’s view on natural light in all domains of our daily life, such as healthcare, wellbeing, safety, and sustainability.
We want to create a community of interest dedicated to intelligent lighting solutions, with an application-based, scientific approach towards all aspects of light. We want to realize this by establishing partnerships with stakeholders in the public-private field: companies, knowledge
institutes, and government bodies.

Member of the Committee “Lighting and Architecture” NSVV.
This committee of the NSVV (Dutch Federation for Illumination) has targeted to bridge the gap between lighting and architecture. The multi-disciplinary approach combines technology, science and art and cover the area of both daylight and artificial lighting. The groups aimed are architects, interior designers, landscape architects, city planners and urban developers.

Member of the workgroup for redefining Dutch LIGHTING standards.
The NSVV (Dutch Federation for Illumination) has organized a workgroup who will study and propose adaptations to the NPR 13201-1, a guideline for illumination of public spaces. As this guideline has served as standard for the design of public lighting during the past 7 years, it must be reviewed and updated in line with the latest insights and technologies.